This page contains an index of all the individuals in the database with the surname of Lanier. Selecting the person’s name will take you to that person’s individual page.

Name Birth Death Partner Parents
Lanier, Benjamin about 1682     Lanier, John , Unknown
Lanier, Eliza     Burch Lanier, Sampson
Lanier, Elizabeth   before 1825 Floyd, Drury Lanier, Lemuel
Lanier, James after 1721     Lanier, Sampson
Lanier, John about 1631   Lanier, Lucreece  
Lanier, John about 1655 1719 , Unknown, Edmunds, Sarah, Lanier, John Lanier, Lucreece
Lanier, Katherine about 1665 7 May 1665   Lanier, John Lanier, Lucreece
Lanier, Lemuel   1817 Malone, Lucy,  
Lanier, Lemuel before 1721 1786 Peebles, Molly, Clark, Elizabeth Lanier, Sampson Washington, Elizabeth
Lanier, Lucreece     Lanier, John  
Lanier, Patricia Martha 1768   Fagan, John S Lanier, Lemuel Malone, Lucy
Lanier, Richard       Lanier, Sampson
Lanier, Robert about 1678     Lanier, John , Unknown
Lanier, Sampson before 1680 1745 Washington, Elizabeth,  
Lanier, Sampson about 1712 1757 Chamberlin, Elizabeth Lanier, Sampson
Lanier, Thomas       Lanier, Sampson