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Name Birth Death Partner Parents
Carter 15 February 1951 15 February 1951   Carter, Ernest Anderson Tate, Patty Mays
Carter, Clair Fredrick 18 July 1883 11 June 1956   Carter, James W Salter, Lora
Carter, Ernest Anderson 23 July 1916 24 December 1966 Tate, Patty Mays Carter, Erwin Anderson Jr Yarbrough, Juanita Pearl
Carter, Erwin Anderson Jr 28 November 1891 28 January 1947 Yarbrough, Juanita Pearl, [Living], [Living]  
Carter, Frederick Timmins 22 September 1925 29 May 2010 , Dorothy Carter, Raymond Salter Timmins, Ethel
Carter, James W about 1860 1887-1895 Salter, Lora  
Carter, Raymond Salter 14 May 1887 31 January 1940 Timmins, Ethel Carter, James W Salter, Lora