Will of Sampson Lanier dated 8 January 1742/3 Brunswick Co. Virginia

Author Sampson Lanier


IN THE NAME OF GOD, AMEN: I Sampson Lanier of the Parish of Saint Andrew in the County of Brunswick calling to mind the mortality of man do make and ordain this to be my last Will and Testament revoking all former wills by me made and this only to be my last Will and Testament to wit:</line><line /><line>I give and bequeath unto my son Thomas Lanier all the tract of land whereon I now live containing one hundred and fifty acres to him and his heirs forever but it is my desire that my wife should have the use of the Plantation whereon I now live with the land on the east side of branch during her natural life makeing no waist on the same.
I also give unto my said son Thomas Five pounds cash and all my Coopers tools.</line><line /><line>I give unto my son Sampson Lanier one Negroe man named Mingo my wife to have the labour of the said negro during her widowhood.</line><line /><line>I give unto my son Richard Lanier two cows and calves two sows and pigs one feather bed bolster a blankett and rugg and a pair of sheets two pueter dishes three peuter plates one good chest one iron pott also negro woman named Juda my wife having the labour of the said negro woman during her widowhood.</line><line /><line>I give unto my Daughter Eliza Burch one negro girl called Mou the said negro girl and her increase to the use of my said daughter and the heirs of her body forever.</line><line /><line>I give to my son Lemuel Lanier one negro girl called Agge to him and his heirs also one feather bed and bolster a pair of sheets a rugg and a blankett two pueter dishes and three pueter plates two cows and calves one heifer one young mare bridle and saddle and all the hoggs that is called his and a gang of hoggs that yoused with the same one iron pot and frying pann.</line><line /><line>I give my son James Lanier two cows and calves two sows and piggs two pueter dishes two pueter plates one iron pott or kettle one young mare one small saddle and bridle one feather bed bolster a pair of sheets a rugg and a blankett and one negro man called Randol to him and his heirs but Lemuel Lanier to have the labour of the said negro till my son James come to the age of twenty one years.</line><line /><line>I give unto my beloved wife Twenty Pounds cash which she hath in her possession to her and her disposal and also let the use of all the remainder part of my Estate to my beloved wife during her natural life or widowhood and after her death or marriage I give all that part of my estate to my five sons to be equally divided among them to them and their heirs my will and desire that my estate may not be brought to an appraisement I also constitute and appoint my two sons Thomas Lanier and Sampson Lanier Exor's of this my last will and testament</line><line /><line>IN WITNESS whereof I have hereunto set my hand and afficed my seal this Eighth day of January, 1742 / 3
Sampson Lanier (Seal)</line><line /><line>Signed and delivered in presence of us as his last will and testament
James Maclin {his mark}
Peter Adams
Richard Lanier</line><line /><line>At a court held for Brunswick County May the 5th, 1743.
This will was presented in Court by Thomas Lanier the Exor's therein named who made oath according to law and the same being proved by the oaths of James Maclin and Richard Lanier two of the witnesses thereto and ordered to be recorded, on the motion of the said Exor's certificate is granted them for ordaining a probate thereof in due form.
TESTE: Ster. Clack, Clerk Court
R. H. Turnbull, D. Clerk</line><line />


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  1. Residence: Brunswick County, Virginia
    1. Recorded on this date; probated 5 May 1745
    2. Lanier, Sampson