Parks, John

Birth Name Parks, John 1a 2 3
Gender male
Age at Death 86 years, 7 months, 14 days


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Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Parks, Thomasabout 16701761
         Parks, John 18 May 1706 1793
    Brother     Parks, Thomas about 1720 about 1790
    Brother     Parks, Charles
    Sister     Parks, Martha
    Sister     Parks, Mary
Father Parks, Thomasabout 16701761
Stepmother Miller, Sarah
    Sister     Parks, Elizabeth about 1720 about 1810


Family of Parks, John and Sharp, Mary

Married Wife Sharp, Mary ( * 20 August 1715 + ... )
Event Date Place Description Sources
Marriage 20 August 1732 King George County, Virginia Colony    
Name Birth Date Death Date
Parks, Sarah
Parkes, Benjamin
Parkes, Milly
Parkes, Susannah22 September 1751
Parks, Samuel28 November 175723 October 1844
Parks, George5 August 17597 December 1837


Type Value Notes Sources
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Source References

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      • Page: Year: 1790; Census Place: Wilkes, North Carolina; Series: M637; Roll: 7; Page: 156; Image: 97; Family History Library Film: 0568147
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      • Page: Within
      • Source text:

        This book was wet and damaged spring 1853 when returning from
        Texas trying to swim on horseback one of the bayou's in the north
        of La. and also had myself and all my belongings wet and damaged.
        E.M. Parks (This book belonged to Elijah M. Parks, great grandson
        of John, grandson of George, son of James Lafayette Parks.)

        The sons of Thomas Parks were as follows:
        John Parks died in Tenn.
        Thomas Parks died in Wilkes County, N.C.*
        Rueben Parks died in Tenn.
        Aaron Parks died in Tenn., near Fayett
        Ambrose Parks died in Misouri
        William Parks died West
        These are the children of T. Parks of brother to John, my grandfathers
        father. according to the memory of Benjamin Parks of Wilkes County, N.C.
        This August 9 1848.</line><line /><line>Martin Parks inspector at Lynchburg and William, brothers were the sons of
        William killed at Powell's Valley in Amherst Co. Va. some of them are living
        12 miles above Lynchburg near James River.
        * Col. Benjamin J. Parks on the Red River is son of Thomas who died on the
        Adkin River in Wilkes County, N.C.

        The Family of Parks- Thomas and Son John
        Thomas had John and Thomas
        Names of children of John were as follows
        John Parks was born 18 May 1706 and married Mary Sharp 20 August 1732 in VA.
        She was born 20 August 1715.
        Their children:
        Rachel Parks born 3 December 1733
        Betsy Parks born 27 February 1735
        Mary Parks born 27 February 1736
        William Parks born 13 October 1737
        John Parks born 6 March 1739
        Thomas Parks born 29 November 1740
        Ann Parks born 15 September 1742
        Mildred Parks born 24 March 1744
        Winfield Parks born 24 March 1744(twins)
        Benjamin Parks born 25 March 1746
        Franky Parks born 28 December 1747
        Charles Parks born 13 October 1749
        Susanna Parks born 22 September 1751
        Linchfield Parks born 14 February 1753
        Sarah Parks born 22 March 1755
        Samuel Parks born 28 November 1757
        George Parks born 5 August 1759